GKE Enablement

Driving your organization towards a cloud-native future with Kubernetes
enablement. Our experts can help scale, manage, and deploy containerized
applications seamlessly.

Kubernetes is the de-facto standard for fast, scalable, and cost-efficient deployment
of cloud-native platforms across private and public clouds. Harnessing Google
Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and our vast technology expertise, Buoyant Cloud
provides a simple way to manage, scale, and deploy Kubernetes automatically. If
you are struggling with adopting orchestration and containerization, we can assist
you to navigate the Kubernetes world.

– Proven track record in assisting organizations to set up a robust Kubernetes
foundation and enable faster deployments

– Multi-cloud expertise and vast knowledge in Google Kubernetes Engine to
streamline operations in choosing the right release channels

– Develop a variety of applications with speed and security at each stage of the
development and deployment life cycle

– Leverage Google Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) to continuously monitor
clusters and their networking, computing, and storage resources

Why You Need Expert Kubernetes Enablement Services?

Fast-paced evolution and a steep learning curve are the biggest challenges to
embracing Kubernetes. We are a specialized cloud-native team that can help
manage and deploy Kubernetes with ease and flexibility.

● Complex & Diverse Ecosystem: Kubernetes technology aids in cloud-native
adoption. Advanced projects and tools are developed every day to expand
cloud-native capabilities. Evaluating and understanding these tools take
significant time & effort.

● Requires Special Skills: Successfully deploying Kubernetes into your IT
infrastructure requires in-depth knowledge of its capabilities, architecture, and
design. It has a steep learning curve that most teams often lack.

● Difficult to Integrate: Integrating next-gen platforms and tools like Kubernetes
to your existing processes can be technically challenging. It must also align with
your organizational goals and culture.

● Faster Evolution: Latest Kubernetes updates are released every three months.
That means the cycle of learning and testing new releases demands significant
time and money, which can be daunting for most teams.

Having an expert Kubernetes enablement team can make the transformation
process most seamless and efficient, both technically and culturally.

Kubernetes Enablement Capabilities

Here’s how Buoyant Cloud can help with Kubernetes adoption and enablement:

● One GKE, Two Modes of Operations
We leverage Google Kubernetes Engine that offers two different modes of
operation: Standard & Autopilot. Standard operation enables you to control the
nodes and run administrative workloads efficiently. On the other hand, the
Autopilot mode is a fully managed solution in GKE that deploys, scales, and
manages the infrastructure of the entire cluster.

● Cluster and Pod Autoscaling

Using GKE enables us to implement end-to-end Kubernetes API, multi-cluster
support, release channels, and 4-way autoscaling. Cluster autoscaling functions
on a per-node-pool basis, while horizontal pod autoscaling can be based on
custom metrics and CPU utilization. We also facilitate vertical pod autoscaling
that constantly analyses memory and CPU usage of pods, thereby adjusting
memory and CPU requests automatically.

● Native Security and Networking
Buoyant Cloud works on GKE to provide an additional layer of security between
different containerized workloads. GKE natively supports Kubernetes Network
Policy, using a pod-level firewall to restrict traffic. We also ensure that GKE’s
private clusters are restricted to a public or private endpoint, and can be
accessed by other specific address ranges.

● Kubernetes Configurations & Operations
Our Kubernetes experts will configure the right distro to ensure availability,
security, and cost reduction. At the same time, we can help with daily
Kubernetes operations, using the right tools to capture metrics and logs and sort
telemetry data to send notifications and reduce issues.

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