Infrastructure Modernization

Are you Struggling with obsolete technology? Is your IT infrastructure failing to
keep pace with the flexibility, agility, and scalability your business needs to
grow? It is the perfect time to modernize.

A fast-evolving IT landscape and customer expectations are driving the need for
infrastructure modernization today. However, that does not mean businesses need
to replace and rip all their critical applications and trusted systems. Buoyant Cloud
enables modernizing servers, storage, and applications at your own pace,
incrementally integrating containerized microservices with AI and hybrid cloud.

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Embrace the Flexibility & Reliability Infrastructure Modernization
Can Bring

According to Gartner, Inc., 28% of spending in key enterprise IT segments will shift
to the cloud by 2022. It is anticipated that an organization’s IT infrastructure will
evolve rapidly in the near future as network challenges, hybrid cloud, and automation
will become more integral than ever. To keep pace, CIOs should focus on achieving
the right balance of traditional IT and cloud for the organization to scale and grow.

Buoyant Cloud enables organizations to build a flexible, reliable, and fully scalable IT
infrastructure engineered for excellent performance and high availability. Whether
you are migrating your legacy systems and hardware to the cloud for the first time or
redesigning from scratch for improved integration capabilities, scalability, and cost
savings – we have the right tools and expertise to help modernize your IT

✔ Gain flexibility and minimize costs by migrating your servers and applications to
hybrid cloud or AI

✔ Flexible, agile, and scalable IT infrastructure helps predict fluctuating demand
and cost

✔ Achieve consistency and portability, and mitigate risks with open frameworks

✔ Migrate to a secure infrastructure that helps control how and where sensitive
data is stored, processed, and accessed

✔ Cloud-based monitoring solutions help ensure all organizational operations are
running smoothly and efficiently

✔ Increase business continuity and minimize risks with disaster recovery

Our IT Infrastructure Modernization Capabilities

● Infrastructure Foundation Setup
We help organizations embrace IT transformation by setting up a robust
foundation on the cloud. We will also enable your teams in cloud best practices,
helping them to get started with the IT transformation journey seamlessly.

A solid infrastructure foundation will help provide the right access to critical data
through the streamlined organization, access management, security baseline,
and billing. Set up alerts and monitoring dashboards to get actionable insights
into the performance of your cloud infrastructure.

● DevOps Automation
DevOps automation enables organizations to minimize silos and speed up
product delivery while ensuring continuous deployment and integration in the
software development life cycle. We will perform automated testing, proactive
monitoring, core security tasks, and automated quality assurance to help achieve
the best value for your cloud infrastructure investments.

Our objective is to help build a culture of high trust and win-win relationships that
will bring more agility and efficiency to your organization.

● Cloud Security & Networking
Our expertise in cloud security and networking enables us to build a secure
cloud environment by implementing the right security management procedures
and controls. We will constantly monitor to identify security loopholes and
leverage preventive controls to manage potential threats and achieve resiliency.

Our team also has experience in securing your cloud infrastructure configuration,
ensuring adherence to industry best practices and regulatory standards.

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