Google Cloud Platform Training

****Become a Google Cloud Engineer/ DevOps Engineer/ Cloud Architect in 4 weeks****

****Online classes from an certified cloud and DevOps architect with 17 plus years in Industry***

**** Free 1 demo class of 30 minutes***

1) Introduction to Cloud Computing a. What is cloud computing? b. Benefits of cloud computing c. Types of Cloud Computing. d. IaaS/PaaS/SAS e. Cloud Services Providers f. Setup Cloud account.

2) Identity & Access Management

3) Compute Engine

4) Cloud SQL

5) Cloud Storage

6) Networking

7) Firewall & Security

8) Serverless Computing

9) Docker

10) Kubernetes

11) CI/CD

12) Github

13) Github Actions

14) Jenkins

15) Terraform (Infra as code)

16 ) Apache/nginx configuration

17) Linux Basics

***Assistance in interview and Resume creation.

*** No big batches.

*** Hands on Training and Assignments.

*** Flexible timings

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