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Increase DevOps agility, reduce time to application delivery, improve operational efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition with professional DevOps consulting services

In today’s competitive world, rapid-scale development and faster time-to-market are the essential components determining the success of any organization. Additionally, there are numerous other challenges that organizations are facing today:

  • Lack of agility in application-driven innovation and delivery
  • Silos existing between software development and operations teams 
  • Lack of a 360° view of the value-chain for efficient and streamlined software delivery 
  • Operations team not being involved in software release cycles, which can majorly hinder the inner circles 

DevOps adoption can help address the challenges of agile software development, enabling you to efficiently build, test, deploy, and monitor applications with better control, quality, and speed. At Buoyant Cloud, we harness an integrated set of DevOps tools and our industry knowledge to eliminate error-prone and cumbersome manual steps, improve agility, and scale seamlessly.

Why Do You Need DevOps Consulting?

Software development and delivery have transformed radically from being project-based implementations. The processes need to continuously evolve. DevOps facilitates small, iterative, and rapid development of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with faster time-to-market to generate product feedback quickly and in real-time – delivering value to the development process incrementally.  

Buoyant Cloud offers professional DevOps consulting services that enable organizations to embrace DevOps transformation and achieve improved reliability and frequency of software releases. We aid in continuous evolution in agile software development, helping improve business capabilities, automating processes, and streamlining IT.

Our clients enjoy increased business agility and deliver faster by leveraging expert DevOps consulting services: 

  • Faster Time to Market: Know how to implement DevOps successfully to streamline application delivery and minimize time to market by up to 50%. 
  • Achieve Resiliency: By implementing DevOps into your software development process, we help achieve a more stable and secure state of operation. 
  • Reduce Risks: Through expert DevOps consultation, we can help developers identify quality concerns in the earlier stages of development while reducing defects by up to 30% across the product lifecycle. 
  • Increased Throughput: By streamlining IT and automating processes, DevOps consulting helps increase productivity and facilitate faster delivery of new functionalities. 

Our Services

Our DevOps consulting services span the software lifecycle and can be leveraged for developing large-scale enterprise products to customer-facing digital systems.

  • Evaluating an organization’s existing software development environment, including people and processes that encompass solution architecture, agile adoption, cloud services, tools, automation, and cultural change management.
  • DevOps launch consulting, including strategic planning, creating a comprehensive DevOps implementation roadmap, upskilling the team in DevOps tools & processes, and assisting in DevOps solution setup.
  • Designing and implementing service bus architecture and middleware
  • DevOps tech consulting enables organizations to choose, install, and configure the right tools to develop an effective DevOps environment.
  • End-to-end consulting for DevOps implementation, continuous integration & deployment, test automation, and automated application monitoring.

Our team has expertise in a wide range of DevOps tools and platforms that make way for a successful agile software development journey. Get started now for tailored DevOps consulting services for your business requirements.

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Quickly build CI/CD pipelines using Cloud Build, GCP Container registry.  Other tool like GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Spinnaker can be use as well.

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