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Are your applications and databases are still hosted on-premise and you are dealing with scalability and performance issues?  If your answer is yes! Then it is time to bid adieu to on-premise infrastructure and move to the cloud to take advantage of cloud capabilities. There is a need to accelerate cloud adoption/migration to elevate your business to a new level by achieving better flexibility, scalability, and agility.

If you’re looking forward to begin your cloud migration process, we at Buoyant Cloud Inc. will help you to achieve this target seamlessly with proper guidelines and roadmap. Our cloud migration services focus on taking the best approaches to support you in every stage of migration from start through the end and ensure the smooth transition.

We offer a complete spectrum of cloud migration and management services to modernize business processes, applications, and data architecture to establish the digital transformation that modern businesses run on.

Infrastructure Migration:

This involves migrating your on-premise virtual or physicals servers to cloud. GCP VM migration service makes this process easy and quick.

Application Migration:

Our experts will help you evaluate your business goals and adopt the best fit right approach: Rebuild, Rearchitect, Replatform, or Replace. This will help in minimizing downtime, fast time to market, reducing risk, and making migrate applications faster and stress free..

Data Migration:

Migrate your data, jobs and access control to Cloud. Relational databases to Cloud SQL and data warehouse to BigQuery. Migration can be done in two ways Offload or Full migration. In Offload migration only data is migrated but in full migration data and jobs both are migrated

Sample Data Migration Process

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Here are some benefits which can be acquired by cloud migration:

Reduced Capital Costs – Cloud migration reduces capital expenditure as you are not buying expensive hardware which is depreciated over time.

Scalability –  Easy and quick to scale cloud resources up or down based on the business requirements.

Pay Per Use – Pay only for the resources used. No need to invest in buying infrastructure which will not be used.

Better Performance, Security, Reliability – Cloud service providers have data centres across the globe which in turn provide high performance and reliability. Security is in built with most cloud resources. Data is encrypted on rest as well in transit.

Cloud infrastructure is the way to the future. Let’s not get left behind.

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Why Google Cloud?

GCP offers services like VM Migration, Data Transfer, Storage Transfer and Database Migration which makes migration to cloud quick, secure and smooth.

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