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Adoption of cloud computing for your business can help you unlock new possibilities, reduce operational expenses, boost innovation, and realize your strategic IT goals faster and better. 

What Makes Buoyant Cloud Inc. A Unique Cloud Consulting Service Provider?

Our cloud consulting offerings are designed to support you at every stage of your decision-making process, from cloud strategy to exploratory evaluations to solutions to technology decisions. We ensure you to ask you all the right questions, get answers upfront, and make informed decisions – the ones that will help you accomplish your business goals.

Our cloud consulting expertise is divided as follows:

•   Cloud Readiness Assessment

While working with your organization, we can assess and determine which business or IT drivers assure advanced cloud adoption and the suitability of cloud migration seamlessly.

•   Cloud Strategy Creation & Roadmap

We create a clear vision of how your applications and data on the cloud would look like that allows you to bridge the gap from your current setup and execute the proposed one.

•   Cloud Migration Prioritization

We will identify the resources/workloads that would be moved to cloud-based on your organizational goals, relevance, business value, and cost efficiencies.

•    Cloud Service ROI

We identify and evaluate the ROI during the consulting and advise you on the most suitable cloud solutions.

Cloud Migration

We will help you in migration your applications, database, storage and servers to Google Cloud.

Application Modernization

Kickstart your journey from monolith to microservices architecture based applications using Google Cloud.

DevOps Consulting

Automate application and Infrastructure deployment using Cloud Build or Github Actions.

Infrastructure Modernization

Migrate your on-premise workloads to fully managed cloud resources.

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Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud offers 100’s of products for deploying application, modernization infra, DevOps, Data and Analytics. we can help you implement the right GCP products.

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