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Cloud-Native Application Development    Streamline business complexities and transform your IT operations by adopting cloud computing capabilities to deploy and integrate modern approaches like microservices, serverless, and containers<   Amidst the challenges of a fast-changing market environment, Buoyant Cloud helps boost DevOps efficiency, cloud-native maturity, agility, and speed. Our cloud application development excellence means you build once, deploy & integrate anywhere, and iterate rapidly. Cloud-native applications ensure greater scalability, reduced costs, and faster time-to-market through automation, microservices, DevOps practices, and containerization.    Buoyant Cloud offers end-to-end cloud-native app development services, combined with tools and accelerators, reference architectures, multi-cloud environments, and virtual delivery models. Our solutions are aimed at continuous innovation, enabling organizations to improve customer experience and reduce application development costs.     Cloud-Native Service Offerings    We build apps based on open standards for interoperability that enable you to harness the potential of the cloud environment. Our focus on domain-centered design enables us to develop highly scalable and robust cloud-native applications that can be deployed seamlessly, upgraded, or adapted.    
  • Microservice development: Buoyant Cloud develops a standardized API framework to facilitate faster and reliable delivery of cloud-native applications while allowing integration with third-party apps. 
  • Legacy Application Modernization: Our team offers end-to-end services to accelerate the process of cloud adoption and modernize your application portfolio to enhance operational efficiency. 
  • Container Strategy: We enable your organization to switch to a robust microservice architecture and strengthen your technology, process, and people by using cutting-edge tools like Kubernetes. It is a container-orchestration system that facilitates enterprise-grade scalability and flexibility. 
  • DevOps: We power the cloud application development process, manage it via CI/CD pipeline, and increase the delivery speed using DevOps. Using DevOps enables us to build cloud-native apps that focus on continuous & rapid delivery, development, and deployment to improve performance, minimize defects, increase the rate of new updates, and boost collaboration.  
  Benefits of Cloud-Native Applications    Here’s how cloud-native application development can add value to your organization:   
  • Increase Productivity: Cloud-native applications enable organizations to create innovative ways of working by implementing work methodologies and practices, and co-creation to reskill and upskill. 
  • Improve Customer Experience: Open and portable cloud-native applications help improve technical agility and deliver an excellent customer experience – improving response to customers and faster time to market. 
  • Reduce Your Application Cost: We harness robust and automated tools to optimize the cloud application development process, streamline testing and deployment, and reduce the overall cost of developing new applications. 
  Our Cloud Application Development Services       At Buoyant Cloud, we pride a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable developers who can help you migrate your legacy applications to robust and scalable cloud-native architectures. At the same time, we ensure automating processes and leveraging top-notch DevOps practices that help boost organizational agility and accelerate time to market.    Our cloud-native application development expertise enables us to build fully-featured, secure, fast, and scalable applications for mobile, CMS, eCommerce, and web. We use agile methodologies to develop apps that are design-led, interactive, intuitive and loads fast.    Want to know more about cloud application development services at Buoyant Cloud? Call us today and talk to our experts for a free consultation. 
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