Application Modernization

Does your business still use outdated legacy or monolith apps? Know how your organization can benefit from cloud application modernization.

Understanding Application Modernization!

The main aim of application modernization is to take a legacy or monolith application and modernizing it’s application architecture and platform. Primarily monolith applications hosted in on-premise environments are refactored and/or re-platformed and hosted on cloud. There are different approaches to achieve this.

The least disruptive way is known as “lift-and-shift” approach. The app is moved to a cloud environment with minimal changes. However, with this strategy, you really miss out on all the benefits cloud platforms offer.

On the other side of the scale, there is refactoring, as a result of which the code is rewritten to create so-called microservices based architecture that integrate perfectly with the cloud infrastructure.

Which approach is the best? It depends on what you are end goal or vision. Contact us and our experts will select the most efficient solution for your specific case.

Sample Microservices Architecture using Cloud Run

application modernization using cloud run

Why Invest in Application Modernization?

Read the most compelling reasons that drive application modernization below:

Faster Time to Market:

Modern applications based on microservices architecture have faster time to market as the application consists of many small loosely coupled services which can be developed, tested, deployed and scaled separately. 

Adding features to a microservice doesn’t disrupt the work of the whole application, which means you can update your app much faster. Ultimately, app modernization entails “breaking up” your monolithic app into such services.

Application’s Scalability & Performance:

The ability of an app to process ever-increasing requests without failing is known as its scalability. By modernizing your application you will be able to scale its services independently, which is a faster and more efficient way to improve your app’s performance.

Better Reliability and Fault Isolation:

Fault isolation is one of the significant advantage of microservices. If one of the service is having any issue the others can continue to work. This makes the application more reliable.

Our process for App Modernization

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Why Google Cloud?

GCP Products like Cloud Run, App Engine or GKE can be used for application modernization.

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